The Blended Learning or Mashup Learning is talk about teachers use different teaching strategies or multimedia to enhance the quality of teaching. Apart from this,I generate  another idea in the environment of social media …

An active information is been gathered in to a peronal aggregate protal from Blog, Forum, Social Media and Macroblog. After that we will rethink the information to a new idea and send it back to SNS. I called it as the “Information Stream”


When I bulid up my personal knowledge management, I have a conclusion about the “information stream”. Many web have the functaion buttom about Twitter,Funp , Plurk and Pushit. So, I think the cycle of data/ information go around from the site to the brain and comes up a new idea. We publish the new idea back across the same way. This model has had existed for a long time ageo. Combing with the Social Network System, it goes faster and popular.


Be my girl, happy

The infographic above shows the information stream around. It looks like the wisdom of crowds 2.0? I am not sure.

It’s sample,but awesome.