(infomation from Masie)

#21: Fill The Gap, Don’t Patch It

Do yourself, your organization, and/or your clients the favor of doing the preliminary footwork necessary to honestly determine whether the targeted reason for the proposed training will actually be affected by training. For example, is the "gap" something that can be narrowed via training, or does the underlying reason for the gap lie elsewhere (internal communication, company culture, management, tools, etc.)? Often times large efforts and budgets are expended building solutions to the wrong problems. Take a little time and money up front to properly analyze what should be done and why – it’s a step that will undoubtedly pay for itself several times over (either by preventing unnecessary training from being developed, or by focusing the purpose of the training that is needed).

~Jon Revelos
~Tata Interactive Systems


徹底的評估現在所執行的訓練是否有達到訓練真正的標的。舉例來說,有些"問題"是否真的能因為訓練而解決?抑或是"問題"背後"真正的問題"(內部的言論,公司文化,管理,工具…等)?往往我們都花費大量的時間及成本在解決錯誤的"問題"上。花點時間去分析解決一個問題"真正"的方法 — 毫無疑問的這件事要作幾次都不是問題(如此一來,可以減少不必要的訓練或找到訓練真正的方向)