(infomation from Masie)

#17: Become an e-Learner

Experience e-Learning first hand to understand the student’s point of view in an e-Learning situation. What are the frustrations? What becomes easy? What do I, as the student, need to do differently? Do I have enough access to my instructor? Do I have access to the other learners? Do I feel connected to the class? Shut out and lonely? By putting oneself in this situation, trainers can begin to understand what they need to build into their design to assist the learners, who are also making the transition to e-Learning.

~Lela Rotondo
~Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield

#17: 成為一個數位學習的學習者


  • 在第一次使用數位學習中是否有學習上的挫折?
  • 在數位學習中什麼事情變得比較簡單?
  • 假如我是學習者,數位學習與實體學習有什麼不同?
  • 我能與我線上(或實體的)老師用什麼方式或管道互動?
  • 我要怎麼與我的同學互動?
  • 我是否有融入學習?
  • 在學習過程中是否是孤獨的?