(infomation from Masie)

#13: Those That Can, DO

For e-Learning to be effective in business, it has to support "doing," not only learning. Go back to a fundamental concept in education: behavioral objectives. After an e-Learning session, the student must be able to DO something, not just know something. If you can’t state a behavior that the student can do after the e-Learning session, you may have used the e-Learning tool as a hose to spray a thirsty student instead of as a glass.

~Harold Strawbridge

#13: 我們應該這麼作

(編註:數位教材在設計上,應考慮學習及實作,只有單向的學習,是無法解決問題的,所以教材設計要非常注意,套用中華郵政訓練所,陳所長金城「我們做事情,除了知道"Know How”之外,我們更要知道"Know Why”」)