(infomation from Masie)

#3: The Times They Are-a-Changing

Training organizations must rethink their mission, redesign their metrics, and retool their staff. From “We deliver classroom training that we think someone might need” to “We work with the entire company organization — senior management to individual learners — to provide whatever is needed at each stage of the learning lifecycle”; From “butts in seats” (or even “happy butts in seats”) to “discovered gaps addressed and met effectively as shown by multiple levels of assessment”; From "stand-up trainer" to "multi-modal consultant" (or from "a cadre of stand-up trainers" to "a team of learning specialists: analysts, assessors, designers, builders, and deliverers.")

~Bruce Maples
~Humana, Inc.

#3: 訓練者需跟上時代的演變,改變訓練方向


  • 從“提供我們認為使用者缺乏的訓練"”到“我們的工作與整個公司的組織(包含高層管理人員到個別學習者)提供每一個階段不同的學習生命週期”
  • 從“坐在位子上等需求“,變成”以不同角度並有效的評估行動,來發現真正的需求“ ;(編註:以前的訓練者會以被動的方式瞭解需求,而要改成以主動的方式發掘需求)
  • 從”一個專職的訓練者“變成”全方位訓練顧問“ (或從”以一個專職的訓練者“ ,變成”一組學習專家,包含:訓練分析師,評估師,教學設計師,媒體設計師,講師(或學習平台)“ )