(infomation from Masie)

Chapter 1: Getting Started: The ABC’s of “e”

You are about to introduce a significant change into the workforce (or perhaps your initial venture into e-Learning was not as successful as you anticipated and you now need to step back and re-think/re-assess before beginning anew).

#1: First Things First

The "e" in e-Learning stands for education — we too often forget that — it is not about bandwidth, servers, and cables. It is about education – first and foremost.

~Ken Gaines
~East-West University



#1: 最初及最重要的事

e 在 e-Learning 中所扮演的角色,是要以提昇教育成效為出發點 — 當我們執行的時候,卻常常忘記這件事 — 我們常常把重點放在寬頻, 伺服器, 及頻寬。數位學習的重點是在於學習,這是最根本及最重要的目標。

(編註:數位學習或 e-Learning 中的,重點是在學習,而前面的數位( e ) ,是要利用其多媒體的優勢來提供更好的學習方法或過程。反過來想,若在某項專業領域實體學習比數位學習好的時候,就沒有必要一定要用數位學習)